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20-Time Student Showcase January 19 and 20

20-Time is a new program at Borough School based off the corporate practice of giving employees one day a week to work on a project of their choice;  giving people the freedom to work on something they are truly passionate about.  Ideas such as Gmail and Post-It Notes are just two examples of concepts that were born from 20-Time.  This is just what we are giving our students at Borough School - time to work on something they are passionate about.  For our fifth through eighth graders, one day per week during each student's iLab and STEM related arts cycle, for two marking periods, students had the opportunity to work on a project of their choosing.  We will be celebrating the efforts of our Borough School students in grades six and eight as they showcase their 20-Time projects to fellow Borough School students, 20-Time coaches, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members on January 19 and 20, 2017 in the Borough School auditorium. 
CLICK HERE for the presentation schedules for January 19 and January 20